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4 Corners of a Contract  

Jeffrey Mayer and John Shapiro

April 16, Richland Library

Still a few places left to register

Seminar: 4 Corners of a Contract -

Make plans now to join us for our spring seminar. We are excited to present a practical discussion about drafting contracts from the perspective of lawyers who defend (or challenge) contracts. Our speakers are practicing attorneys with many years of experience in both domestic and international contract disputes. Our speakers have also presented many programs to ISM affiliates and at the ISM International Conference. Registration for the seminar is now open – and in order to keep it an interactive discussion, we are limiting attendance to the first 40 paid registrants.  Registration form link… 

Facility Tour: Wallula Paper Mill

Many Thanks to Bryan Tinnin for organizing and leading our plant tour. Thanks to Scott, we'll have some snapshots to post on our web site, soon.

Here are a few of my observations:

We toured the Wallula Paper Mill and Fiber Farm lead by the procurement manager, Bryan Tinnin.

It’s always interesting to see a different organization and learn about their challenges.  As I look around at the different equipment, materials and facilities, I like to consider, how I would try to support the procurement and logistics needs. They have a plant full of equipment to maintain!

The Paper Mill and Fiber farm require a lot of specialized support. Specialized mostly because they operate 24 x7 - 365 days a year. In Bryan’s 7 person procurement organization there is always someone on call. Strong relationships with key suppliers and customers help keep the operation running. Working in that organization, you have to be responsive, flexible and forward thinking.

Here are some facts and observations (sorry if I garbled some numbers – the inside of the paper mill is kind of like a hot yoga class). Literally! In order to dry the wet pulp/paper – they heat it to drive the water off as steam – while it’s traveling very fast around the rollers. In the space of a few hundred feet, the product goes from a wet pulp to a dry paper roll.

The Fiber Farm (tree farm near Ice Harbor Dam) is about 9,000 acres in size. They manage the tress so they can harvest continuously on a 7-year cycle. They harvest all year long in order to supply feedstock to the mill all year long. New trees are nearly 20ft tall at the end of the second year and at peak growth about 2” per day. They drip irrigate with ~7, 000 miles of drip tube, and a lot of big pumps and pipe. If a pump fails in July, it takes less that 2 days for the bigger trees growth to be stunted. So repairing or replacing one of the huge pumps is truly an urgent procurement.

The large pieces of equipment they use to chip the logs costs about $1M each, and are their own maintenance & parts challenge.

The paper mill includes 3 different paper making machines each producing a slightly different product. Basically the processes uses a blend of raw materials ( wood chips, sawdust, recycled paper, chemicals, etc. After cooking the wood chips to separate and soften the compounds, the pulp is rolled into flat sheets and dried. The process uses a LOT of water, steam, chemicals and energy. The plant is packed with huge valves, pumps, pipes of all sizes, pressure vessels, electrical conduit, switches, fans, bearings, motors, boilers, steam lines, filters, etc. The plant dates back to the 1950s, and so does a lot of the equipment.

Bryan’s team supports the plant and farm, with a procurement volume in the tens of millions.  MRO & critical spares inventory in the millions with an estimated turn rate of 1 time per year. Recently they reduced the MRO costs significantly by allowing a vendor to set up industrial vending machines to dispense products like gloves, tape, Loctite, etc. The vendor owns the machines, manages the inventory and all Wallula pays for is the product when it is dispensed to an employees. Of course they also get detailed cost reports about what was used by which department, etc.

Downtime for any one of the paper machines is very expensive, so time really is of the essence in getting parts. In his 30-year career, Bryan says he can remember at least 3 instances where obtaining a critical part involved chartering a plane to deliver it.

Sounds overwhelming and a huge challenge, however, Bryan’s comment – “It’s fun!”

ML Taylor, C.P.M.

Parol Evidence Rule

The Parol Evidence Rule could be one of those legal issues that determines a contract dispute between buyers and sellers. Only a well-seasoned lawyer could understand the full ramifications - but we'll want to at least have a basic idea of the implications for our written agreements. One of the terms I'm sure will come up in our seminar.  Read more...:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parol_evidence_rule  

Strategies for Personal Growth Become a valued member of your organization

Does your organization use PowerPoint presentations?  Many do.  Preparing and presenting high-quality PowerPoint slides is truly an art.  Here is a tip about using the newer version of PaowerPoint that might come in handy.

The PowerPoint version you are using to create a presentation may (or may not) support wide screen display.  If it does, you can edit and display slides using the full width of a wide monitor.

Take your presentation on a thumb drive to use at a meeting, and WIDE SCREEN DISPLAY could become a problem. if the PowerPoint version on the laptop in use or the projector or the display is a different version of PowerPoint you might have to adjust the setting.

Widescreen display may/may not be an option – or enabled by default.

Turn widescreen on or off on the DESIGN > SLIDE SIZE tab

Here is a great explanation – with examples - about Wide Screen Display.

NOTE: having problems with the TV and CABLE display sizes… probably the same problem – TV display ratio set differently than the CABLE feed ratio.

Interesting – any of you Millennials using PREZI? I’ve seen it used (blocked for us here) and it’s pretty spiffy.


IMO (in my opinion....): Mike Taylor, C.P.M.

Storm Cloud:

Storing data in the “cloud” has risks. Developing a strategy to protecting access to the data across international borders with conflicting privacy and Legal Discovery laws is an important prerequisite to jumping onto the Cloud Computing band wagon. Think your data is safe because you are using a U.S. company? Not so. Microsoft is still arguing a case about releasing email messages stored in Dublin Ireland. Interestingly, in this case Microsoft is trying to prevent access to customer data.

Consider the implications if disgruntled employees or dissatisfied customers could access company records to build their lawsuit. Encryption? That works until company officials go to jail for defying a Legal Discovery order. Read a layman’s view of Legal Discovery issues.


Woody Leonard posted a great article about the case:

Electronic Frontier Foundation postings:

More of my thoughts about Cloud Computing risks.

Bottom Line:

Like any new business tool, Cloud Computing strategies should be thoroughly evaluated for risks, and mitigating safety precautions taken BEFORE implementation. Don’t assume old strategies – such as locked doors or paper shredders - will protect electronic records.

We'll talk more about this at our May program.  More thoughts here: http://www.mltweb.com/tools/imo.htm


ISM-CB Experience Exchange - building a professional network.

Personal Value Strategy: Share educational opportunities and the benefits of an expanded professional network with your colleagues.

American Society for Quality :   ASQ Section 614 Meeting,    April 7, 2015
“To Get What You’ve Never Had You Have to Think What You’ve Never Thought”

Rick Martinez,  Life Coaching YOUniverse

Meeting Details:  http://www.asq614.org/programs/program1504.pdf

For more information about ASQ Section 614: http://www.asq614.org.

Position Open in Oregon


The Make it in Washington team has updated information about the MiiW scholarship. I have attached the updated information and ask that you share it with your membership. It would be helpful if you could post to the ISM website and if you could make an announcement at the next meeting.

ISM – Columbia Basin members who work for a manufacturer in any Southeastern Washington counties are eligible for the scholarship. There are other eligible counties and they are listed in the attachment.

I have the application forms and can assist any interested individual apply. This is a great opportunity for members to get tuition free education at WSU, Highline Community College, U of W, and Shoreline Community College.

Jerry Baker,   Shoreline Community College

Procurement Technical Assistance Center.

Washington PTAC - February Government Contracting Opportunities, News, & Events

Ashley Coronado
PTAC Government Contracting Assistance Specialist
Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce
Kennewick, 509.736.0510

National Contract Management Association (NCMA)

 NCMA web site: http://ncmacolumbiabasin.com/index.html

Institue For Management Accountants

 IMA web site: http://ima.labworks.org/

ISM-CB professional network exchange is our way of encouraging communication and discussion among our members. Sharing information, expertise and experience are just some of the many benefits of membership. Networking with other members is a great way to build a professional support team.

Board of Directors  Meetings: 3rd Tuesday of each month - all members welcome

2014-2014 Programs

September 9, 2014:“Table Topics – Roundtable Networking”

October 14, 2014  Understanding Incoterms2010,  Heather Allen & Ian Hizzey

November 11, 2014  Suspect Counterfeit, Rick Warriner CHPRC

December 5, 2014  - Holiday Networking Social , Barnard Griffin Winery
Invite your friend and colleagues to join us for a holiday networking social. RSVP please 

January 13, 2015   Status of the local Economy, Ajsa Suljic
Regional Labor Economist, Employment Security Department, Washington State

February 10, 2015  Negotiations, Pete Braun

March 10, 2015   Boise Cascade - Plant Tour Hosted by Bryan Tinnin

April 16, 2015  4-Corners of a Contract - Legal Seminar, Richland Library

May 12, 2015 , Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Electronic  Discovery -
What is it & why should we care?  Mike Taylor, C.P.M.

June 2015 (date tbd) – Annual Business & Planning Meeting

 ISM 2015 International Conference

It’s a huge milestone for ISM: 100 years of inspiration, education and networking. The ISM2015 Annual Conference promises to be the biggest and best of them all, beginning with our distinguished keynote speaker, Robert Gates. Come be inspired, exchange best practices with your peers and continue to build your network with over 2,400 professionals.

•   7 Educational Learning Tracks and more than 100 sessions

•   10 New Signature Sessions featuring distinguished presenters

•   Endless networking events that will expand your global reach

Keynote Speaker,
Robert Gates

Robert Gates’ distinguished career includes serving as our nation’s 22nd secretary of defense. Among his many accolades are the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the National Security Medal and the Presidential Citizens Medal. He has authored two memoirs, with his latest, Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War (2014), currently on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

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