Leadership Team  2016-2017

ISM-CB Program:
  •  Regional Economic Report Card
  • Jan.11, 5:30pm.
  • RSVP@ismcb.org
  • RSVP required, ISM-CB members $15, nonmembers and guests $25.

Regional Economic Report Card, Ajsa Suljic

Join us on Wednesday, January 11 [note the date change] for our annual Regional Economic Report Card. This is one of our most popular meetings of the year.

Our returning speaker is Ajsa Suljic, Regional Labor Economist, WA State Employment Security Department who will provide us information on the State of the Labor Market in the Kennewick Metro Area (Benton and Franklin Counties). See the PowerPoint from last year’s presentation here .

. As the regional labor economist covering Southeastern Washington, Ajsa provides labor market information and analysis to local economic planners, administrators, businesses and residents. Currently serving as local labor market and economic expert on multiple organizations.  
Here is the latest Benton County profile prepared by Ajsa  &  Franklin County 

Due to the large attendance for this meeting, it will be held at the County Gentlemen in their large Event Center. To coordinate this large meeting, a buffet dinner will be offered with no host bar drinks available for ordering.

This year your ISM-CB Board voted to support our members by covering a portion of the cost for the buffet dinner and room rental and thus reduce the dinner fee for ISM-CB members. This is our way of saying “Thank You” for being a member of the ISM-Columbia Basin Chapter.

  • When:  Wednesday, January 11
  • Where:  County Gentleman Restaurant, 9921 W Clearwater Ave., Kennewick
  • Time:   Buffet starts at 5:30 pm Program starts about 6:15 to 6:30 pm.
  • Menu:  Buffet Dinner- Marinated Tri Tip w/Demi Glaze, Herb Crusted Chicken, and sides.
  • Cost:  $15 for members $25 for non-members
  • RSVP early – A head count has to be provided to County Gentleman no later than January  3.
  •  You may pre-pay using a credit card via the PayPal link on the ISM-CB website 
    RSVP to RSVP@ismcb.org  and pay cash or check at the door.
  • Questions: Please send any questions to Cathy Robinson, crobinson@ci.richland.wa.us  or admin@ismcb.org

Either way, we need to know if you are going to attend as early as possible.

ISM-CB Spring Seminar

ISM-CB leadership team would appreciate your feedback to assist us in planning for our Spring Seminar scheduled for March.

Daniel Wong will be our speaker and we need your assistance to tailor a program that best meets your needs. 

 Please take a look at the attached bio and suggested topics and let us know what topics you are interested in.   Feel free to suggest topics that are not listed.

Send your suggestions and comments to leadership@ismcb.org about how we can make this a successful program. 
Thank you, 
ISM-CB Leadership

IMO:  (in my opinion....)  Mike Taylor, C.P.M.

 Send a Confirming Note Don't let a flakey contractor continue to string you along.

We have a contract problem such as a missed deadline. In the ensuing telephone conversation the seller makes a new delivery promise. Later, the seller misses the new delivery promise and we have another discussion with new promises – ad nauseam.

By acquiescing to the contractor’s new delivery promise, it could be argued in court that we have made a constructive change to our contract. Also, we have established a practice of allowing late deliveries that could become a winning position in future contract disputes if we try to enforce a delivery date.

Send a confirming notice after each important contract discussion and draw an enforceable line in the sand. An email could work, although a formal letter is better for higher risk situations.  

read the rest of this article here: http://www.mltweb.com/tools/imo.htm#Confirming

Find more of my opinions about supply chain,  management, negotiations and professional development here:  http://www.mltweb.com/tools/imo.htm

Characteristics of a good candidate ..are not always based on work experience.


Did you see this post on the ISM-CB Linked in Group?  We don't post a lot - but some topics are worth sharing.

You can join our Linked In group here.  https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4578806

CPSM Review Modules

We’ve had a request from an employer to run the CPSM Review classes in total before June 1, 2017.  ISM-Spokane has agreed to accommodate their training schedule by offering CPSM Module 1 Exam Review Classes in the late Spring 2017. Below is the schedule that will accommodate this goal.

CPSM Module 2 Exam Review Classes - Start on January 4, 2017 with the last class on February 8
CPSM Module 3 Exam Review Classes – Start on February 22 with the last class on March 29
CPSM Module 1 Exam Review Classes – Start on April 12 with the last class on May 17

Each class session is $99. Registration and payment arrangements can be made with Thea Prince at tprince@spokanecity.org  If you’d like to join us, please let Thea know.

Note: programs will be available remotely via GoToMeeting

Director of University Purchasing
University Purchasing, Finance

Heads Up! Web scam warning.
This time of year web scams abound. It’s worth a reminder.

True story: A friend recently was reminded the hard way that web scams can infect office computers. That is, someone in his office received an Excel file attachment to an email message. Instead of first ensuring it was a valid source, the victim opened the file – which immediately encrypted [and locked] all local files. Of course the ransomware message that followed requested a large fee in exchange for the password to decrypt the files. The solution- instead of paying the ransom was to restore a recent backup – thus fixing the problem, but deleting all more recent work.

Don’t believe it can happen to a big company? Do a web news search for ‘ransomware’

The lessons:

  1. Naughty software can be embedded by nefarious folks in innocent looking files and attached to email messages. This includes Office documents, ZIP files, some types of image or music files, and to a lesser extent even PDF files.
  2. DO NOT open an email messages or attachment unless you know where it came from, were expecting it, and are sure you trust the sender (not always a good precaution since the sender could be someone who got infected)
  3. Check email addresses and company names carefully – scammers like to spoof legit senders .
    (FredEx shipment; email from a friend with a return address in Romania” )
  4. Other reasons to be suspicious include missing subject lines, messages that have been forwarded by dozens of folks and message that implore you to “copy as many people as possible” and the really compelling messages saying that you’ve won some idiot sounding lottery.
  5. Keep your antivirus software up to date and running
  6. Backup your files and folders and store the backup somewhere else – not on your PC.
  7. When in doubt – don’t touch the message, don’t open the attachments. Verify it’s legit by contacting the sender some other way. Be skeptical – if you are tempted to send it to a more-techie friend to verify- don’t. Delete it instead.

As insidious as this problem is, there is some dark humor to be found. Some of my favorite scams:
- “Congratulations, you’ve won the Tibetan Lottery ”
- “I’m the illegitimate son of a Nigerian Minister who desperately wants to send you money”
- “ We are unable to deliver your package” (that I haven’t ordered)
- “ The IRS has sent you the attached pre-audit checklist”
- “ This is not a scam – the world will end in three days unless you follow attached instructions.”

Don’t laugh – you would be surprised the number of times I’ve been asked; “Gee, is this email legit?”

Suggestion: many of us get reminders about safe internet practices from IT folks at the office – but unfortunately, friends and family are often targeted victims. A helpful holiday present would be taking the time to explain about internet scams to your family and less techie friends. Don’t wait the end-of the world countdown is already on day 2.


ISM-CB Education Exchange - building a professional network.
Share educational opportunities and the benefits of an expanded professional network with your colleagues.

American Society for Quality :  www.asq614.org/
Program Tuesday January 10 - How to Handle Hostile Situations, Michael Blatman, Kennewick Police Dept.

Procurement Technical Assistance Center.
Washington PTAC - February Government Contracting Opportunities, News, & Events
Ashley Coronado  PTAC Government Contracting Assistance Specialist
Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce, Kennewick

The Institute For Internal Auditors, Mid-Columbia Chapter

National Contract Management Association (NCMA)
 NCMA web site: http://ncmacolumbiabasin.com/index.html

Institute For Management Accountants
 IMA web site: http://ima.labworks.org/

WSU  Tri-Cities Professional Education https://tricities.wsu.edu/cepd/leadership-academy/

ISM-CB professional network exchange is our way of encouraging communication and discussion among our members. Sharing information, expertise and experience are just some of the many benefits of membership. Networking with other members is a great way to build a professional support team.

ISM-CB 2016-2017 Education Opportunity Calendar


July 12

ISM-CB Planning Meeting


ISM-CB Planning Meeting
Location: tbd
Contact President Todd Johnson

September 13

ISM-CB Program: Tour of WSU Wine Science Center - 4:00pm. Professional Networking

September 20

ISM-CB Planning Meeting
Location: tbd
Contact President Todd Johnson  

October 11

ISM-CB Planning Meeting
Location: tbd
Contact President Todd Johnson

October 12-13

Washington State APWA workshop,
Kennewick - details

October 17-19

Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference,  Seattle
 Registration information

November 8

ISM-CB Program; Cyber Security
5:30 p.m. Applebee’s, Kennewick

November 15

ISM-CB Planning Meeting
Location: tbd
Contact President Todd Johnson

December  2

ISM-CB Networking Social 
details TBD

December 13

ISM-CB Planning Meeting
Location: tbd
Contact President Todd Johnson

January  11
Note Date change

ISM-CB Program: Regional Economic Report Card
Ajsa Suljic, Regional Labor Economist, Washington DOL
Location;  Country Gentleman, Kennewick
buffet Dinner @$15 for members /$20 non members
Coordinator: Cathy Robinson


ISM-CB Planning Meeting
Location: tbd
Contact President Todd Johnson

February 15Note Date change

ISM-CB Program;  
Professional Resources online
Mike Taylor

February 21

ISM-CB Planning Meeting
Location: tbd
Contact President Todd Johnson

March 27

Seminar: Daniel Wong
Academic Director, Undergraduate Supply & Logistics Management Program Instructor – Portland State University Bio. & learning topics

April 21

Plant Tour; LIGO facility
Friday April 21 @ 3:00 p.m.

April  18

ISM-CB Planning Meeting
Location: tbd
Contact President Todd Johnson

May 9

ISM-CB Program Professional Development  program

May 17 - 19

NIGP Conference


June (tbd)

ISM-CB Annual Business and Planning Meeting


Oct. 16-18 

Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference, Seattle




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