Leadership Team  2016-2017

ISM-CB Program:
  • We are deferring our program this month to encourage people to attend the Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference [read more below]
  • Next program Nov. 8
  • No cost to attend
  • RSVP@ismcb.org

Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference

 Join professionals from around the Northwest at our supply-chain education and professional networking conference scheduled for October 17-19 in Seattle.  Details and contact information. Meet and listen to world-class presenters on subjects important to the success of your company and your career. The Pacific Northwest Purchasing conference brings programs and information to our local area. It is a cost-effective way to invest in education in lieu of traveling across the country and spending thousands of dollars. More information on the ISM-Western Washington Web Site www.ismww.org       2016 Conference Brochure


Coming to Kennewick on October 12 – 13, 2016.

Registration is now open for two day workshops at various locations across Washington State over the next several months (see Workshops Schedule below). The first day of each workshop will be on purchasing and the second day on public works contracting. Each day will be eligible for 4 hours of CAEC credit. Presenters will be MRSC Public Works Consultant John Carpita and seasoned purchasing or contracting experts from local agencies. Attendees can attend either both days or only one day, depending on their interests. Registration is open to all local agencies and private consultants statewide.   details...

Cyber Security

Dean Kovacks, Energy-Northwest

ISM-CB Program November 8.  Location: Applebees on Columbia Drive just South of the Mall. We arrive between 5:30 and 6:00 with dinner service and then start the program about 6:15 – 6:30 and it runs about 40 min to an hour with questions and answers. Some of the topics that we are interested in are cloud security, recognizing cyber attacks, how to prevent them, different types to watch out for, success ad horror stories. This is a subject that has generated a lot of interest and as supply chain professionals we need to be aware of the issues and pitfals

NCMA Educational Opportunities

NCMA is holding a soft skills educational luncheon on October 13, 2016 at the Red Lion at 11:30 am. Speaker is Debra Bartgis from Bechtel National, Inc. Interested folks can register at: https://ncmacolumbiabasin.starchapter.com/meet-reg1.php?mi=1520&id=13  (Additional information pasted below)

NCMA is also planning to provide an all-day seminar on FAR Essentials on November 10. – We don’t have all of the specifics yet, but it will also be at the Red Lion and will include lunch.

Reminder, if individuals are interested in pursuing their CPSM, we have a local proctor, Noelle Michaelson who is willing to provide proctorship if desired.

Contact Dolly Richards for more information, drichar5@Bechtel.com

IMO (in my opinion....)  Mike Taylor, C.P.M.

GSA Report about negotiating before award. GSA-IG review of GSA contracting process for schedule 70 (IT) services and equipment. A150022/Q/T/P16005.


Interesting discussion of negotiating before awarding contracts. A good set of references and rational to capture in policy and training guidance for staff.

  • Audit cites a number of key FAR references relative to price reasonableness and negotiation. Introduction and Finding #1
  • Auditor maintains, and provides a good rational for negotiating contracts prior to award – even in competitive situations.
  • Audit turned up examples where negotiations improved an already competitive proposal.


  • Auditor clearly states that FAR part 15 does NOT clearly require negotiations to take place in all awards. (page 5
  • Interesting response from GSA management – basically stating that they have good processes for obtaining price reasonableness [even if they don’t negotiate].

In My Opinion: 

I agree with the auditor.  Buyers can improve contracts by "negotiating" prior to award in most instances. I've seen many examples where competitive proposals have been improved in value, reduced price, better terms, enhanced delivery, etc. Unfortunately, I've also witnessed a number of examples wherein potentially valuable preaward discussions or negotiations were skipped and rationalized because competitive proposals had been obtained, time constraints, lack of policy requirement and lack of training. 

Suggestion:  Add value to the process, as a personal goal, negotiate all contracts prior to award. Consider that:

  1. Negotiations don't have to be formal - a lot can be accomplished just by asking the right questions.   
  2. Negotiations should target more than just the price or profit. Contracts can be more valuable to buyers in many other ways.
  3. Even a discussion of the specifications or contract "boiler plate requirements" can yield opportunities to solve problems, reduce costs or avoid future change orders -before awarding a malformed contract.

More Info.:

WSU Wine Science CenterTour pics

ISM Local Leadership

Managing and operating a local professional organization is not easy. It takes a dedicated team of volunteers. These are links and information that I hope will help.

The ISM web includes a lot of material to help leadership team members. In addition, ISM has conducted affiliate leadership training programs.

On Monday morning October 17, at the Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference in Bellevue we will be sharing ISM leadership materials, methods and ideas. All people, who are interested in the continued success of our local organizations, are invited to participate and network. View the Conference brochure for registration information at www.ismww.org

See you at the conference – Mike Taylor C.P.M.

Media Tip - Caveat Emptor

Experienced supply chain managers learn to be skeptical about claims made by potential sellers.  We need to apply the same lessons to headlines and news stories.  Social media, email, text messages, photo sharing sites are all competing for our limited tine and attention.  Thus the door is open [just like in bidding wars] for attention-grabbing headlines that might not be correct.

Great article about verifying the veracity of information of headlines in social media. Telling Real News from ClickBait http://windowssecrets.com/best-practices/social-media-telling-real-news-from-click-bait/

Not sure if something you read is real? Several websites look at Internet rumors and politicians' claims, and then provide the known facts. (Even fact checkers can be wrong occasionally, but their reputation depends on accuracy.)

Here are four sources with excellent reputations:

Snopes.com: As I write this, Snopes' home page tells me that Donald Trump did in fact donate Play-Doh to flood victims, but he also donated more important stuff. It also states that Dr. Drew's opinion of Hillary Clinton's health lacked credibility. The site doesn't stick to politics; you can check rumors about your favorite movie star or athlete, as well.

PolitiFact: This Pulitzer Prize-winning site gives politicians quick grades on what they say, via its Truth-O-Meter. And yes, you can dig down and find out why a statement received a specific score. Figure 1. PolitiFact is famous for its Truth-O-Meter, which includes a Pants on Fire rating.

FactCheck.org: A project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, this site hits politicians on all sides. You can scan the headlines or search for whatever has you worried. But don't expect facts on non-political controversies. A search for cancer brought me to articles on government policies involving the disease.

TruthOrFiction.com: This site gives you a list of recent headlines, noting what's true and what's made up — for example: "Obama executive order bans Pledge of Allegiance – Fiction!" and "Navy to name ship after Harvey Milk – Truth!"
ISM Member Profile

I just wanted to remind you to check your profile on the ISM web site. ISM uses the contact information in your ISM profile to distribute member information, publications and notices. Also, the member information is used when you purchase educational materials and resources from ISM.

Each ISM member can create a log-in account to the ISM web site and edit their personal profile information. While you are there, add additional education and subscription preferences to get the most out of your ISM membership.

Please take steps to log in to the ISM web site and ensure your profile is correct.

Here is the Log-in link at ISM
Contact ISM Customer service if you have problems setting up an account or comments about the log-in process.

ISM-CB Education Exchange - building a professional network.
Share educational opportunities and the benefits of an expanded professional network with your colleagues.

American Society for Quality : 

The October 18 meeting of the local ASQ (American Society for Quality) section will be a site visit to Second Harvest, 5825 Burlington Loop in Pasco, Washington. Included will be an opportunity for members & guests to assist with food sorting at the facility.

Second Harvest has been leading the hunger-relief network in the region since 1971. With operations/distribution centers in Spokane and Pasco, they distribute over 2 million pounds of free food each month to help people in need in 26 counties in Eastern Washington and North Idaho. Second Harvest is able to direct almost 99 percent of all donations, including in-kind gifts, toward collecting, transporting, warehousing and distributing food for people in need.

There is no charge for the October 18 site visit, but reservations must be received by October 11 as space is limited. Closed-toe shoes are required. Attendees are asked to bring food items to donate. Check-in is at 5:45 pm, followed by sorting and the tour at 6 pm. To RSVP, email panda_2@charter.net  or check the website at www.asq614.org  for additional information.

Procurement Technical Assistance Center.
Washington PTAC - February Government Contracting Opportunities, News, & Events
Ashley Coronado  PTAC Government Contracting Assistance Specialist
Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce, Kennewick

The Institute For Internal Auditors, Mid-Columbia Chapter

National Contract Management Association (NCMA)
 NCMA web site: http://ncmacolumbiabasin.com/index.html

Institute For Management Accountants
 IMA web site: http://ima.labworks.org/

WSU  Tri-Cities Professional Education https://tricities.wsu.edu/cepd/leadership-academy/

ISM-CB professional network exchange is our way of encouraging communication and discussion among our members. Sharing information, expertise and experience are just some of the many benefits of membership. Networking with other members is a great way to build a professional support team.

ISM-CB 2016-2017 Education Opportunity Calendar  (under development)


July 12

ISM-CB Planning Meeting


ISM-CB Planning Meeting
Location: tbd
Contact President Todd Johnson

September 13

ISM-CB Program: Tour of WSU Wine Science Center - 4:00pm. Professional Networking

September 20

ISM-CB Planning Meeting
Location: tbd
Contact President Todd Johnson  

October 11

ISM-CB Planning Meeting
Location: tbd
Contact President Todd Johnson

October 12-13

Washington State APWA workshop,
Kennewick - details

October 17-19

Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference,  Seattle
 Registration information

November 8

ISM-CB Program; Cyber Security
5:30 p.m. Applebee’s, Kennewick

November 15

ISM-CB Planning Meeting
Location: tbd
Contact President Todd Johnson


ISM-CB Networking Social 
details TBD


ISM-CB Planning Meeting
Location: tbd
Contact President Todd Johnson

January  11
Note Date change

ISM-CB Program: Regional Economic Report Card
Ajsa Suljic, Regional Labor Economist, Washington DOL
Location;  Country Gentleman, Kennewick
buffet Dinner @$15 for members /$20 non members
Coordinator: Cathy Robinson


ISM-CB Planning Meeting
Location: tbd
Contact President Todd Johnson

February 15Note Date change

ISM-CB Program Professional Development  program

February 21

ISM-CB Planning Meeting
Location: tbd
Contact President Todd Johnson

March TBD


Plant Tour

April  12

ISM-CB Planning Meeting
Location: tbd
Contact President Todd Johnson

May 9

ISM-CB Program;  
Professional Resources online
Mike Taylor


June (tbd)

ISM-CB Annual Business and Planning Meeting



 updated August, 2016


Who Are we?

Contact ISM-CB:  ISM-CB President / ISM-CB Membership Director/ISM-CB Information  / Web Site

ISM-Columbia Basin is the regional affiliate of the Institute for Supply Management a not-for-profit educational organization of over 40,000 Purchasing Agents, Buyers and Supply Chain Professionals. www.ism.ws  Local membership represents companies from Moses Lake to Walla Walla including food processing, government contractors, educational institutions, utilities and manufacturing. New members and business professionals are always welcome at ISM-CB events. Visit the ISM-CB web site at: www.ismcb.org

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