Leadership Team  2016-2017
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Program planner
  • ISM-CB Annual Program Planning Meeting July 25
    5:30 p.m. Round Table Pizza
    George Washington Way, Richland
  • Professional Networking Tips
    ISM-CB program Sept. 12,
    Applebee's Kennewick
  • Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference, Seattle. Oct 15. Web Site
New Leadership Team

Meet your new leadership team for 2017-2018.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the election and a special Thank You for the people who volunteered to lead our local organization.  It's with the help of volunteers that we have been able to present local programs and education since 1980.

ISM-CB 2017-2018 Annual Program Planning Meeting  - Cory Miller

Date: July 25  Location:  5:30 p.m. Round Table Pizza, George Washington Way, Richland

At our first program planning meeting in June we made good progress setting a program schedule for our upcoming year.  Read the notes. But we have more work to do. Finding program topics and a schedule that is most beneficial to our members is our goal We'll continue our program planning discussion at our next meeting on July 25. This will be an informal discussion to brainstorm program topics, identify potential speakers, and discuss our schedule.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in on the planning. If you’ve ever sat through a dinner program and thought, “This really doesn’t apply to the work I do”, please join us so your voice can be heard and we can make the 2017-2018 year as valuable as possible. If you are unable to attend, send your program comments and suggestions to admin@ismcb.org  and we will distribute to our leadership team.

CPSM Review Classes- ISM Spokane

Good Afternoon - We are trying to figure out where to start our CPSM Module Review Study Classes since we’ve gotten out of sequence. If you are interested in one of the CPSM Module Review Study Classes that our very own Steve Lunden teaches. Please reply back to this e-mail with which modules you are interested in taking. Here is the tentative schedule but, based on the responses we receive, we may move things to accommodate the module with the most interest. If you need more information regarding these classes, let me know and I can send you more info.

[Editor's note:  ISM Spokane and Steve Lunden have generously made these classes available as online modules so that members outside of the Spokane area can attend. Steve is a great educator and recipient of the Sid A Brown, C.P.M. Award of Excellence.]

  • Module 1 – Early Fall
  • Module 2 – Late Fall or Winter
  • Module 3 – Early Spring 2018

Thea Prince,  Senior Buyer City of Spokane

Professional Networking Tips - Mike Taylor, C.P.M.

Plan to join us on September 12 when we discuss tips and ideas about building and getting the most out of your professional network.  We'll ask several of our members to share their personal experiences networking at professional conferences and seminars.

In anticipation of the program, consider these questions:

  1. Why do I want to maintain a professional network?
  2. Why would anyone want to include me in their professional network?
  3. How will I introduce myself?

This will be an informal program. We'll share some ideas and discuss practical ways to improve our networking skills.  Save the date now and look for more information in our next newsletter.

Regional Economy Update - Ajsa Suljic

Last time I spoke at your group, there were some questions about Initiative 502.  Here is the latest report on that initiative.

WSIPP just published the following report:

Employment and Wage Earnings in Licensed Marijuana Businesses
The Washington State Institute for Public Policy is directed to conduct an evaluation and benefit-cost analysis of the implementation of I-502, which legalizes recreational marijuana use for adults within the state. As a supplemental step, WSIPP's Board of Director's authorized WSIPP to analyze employment and wage data for employees in marijuana businesses.

We used data from The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) combined with Unemployment Insurance (UI) wage data from the Washington State Employment Security Department (ESD) to analyze employment in Washington State businesses that have been issued marijuana licenses. The report and related information can be accessed on our website.

Ajsa Suljic,  Regional Labor Economist,  Washington State Employment Security Department Workforce Information and Technology Services
Asuljic@esd.wa.gov   www.esd.wa.gov

Data Storage Hacking - Heads Up!

Are storing information about other people on your work or home computers, smart phones, laptops, etc.?  (birthdays, gender, family names, home addresses, etc.) Some of those folks might consider that data sensitive and not want it made public.  Are you taking reasonable precautions to protect the data and have you made a deliberate decision to accept the risk of loss?

IMO:  I think it's time we reviewed that information and reduce the risk of loss by removing unneeded information to reduce the risk-of-loss impact of data hacking.

I posted a new article on my web site and in LinkedIn, that I recommend reading. Basically the article is a heads up about sensitive personal data you or your organization may have collected stored.  

Ransom ware data breaches have successfully targeted large companies. Thus I think it is imperative that those of us in smaller organizations review data-storage practices. More specifically; Sensitive personal & private information (PPI) about individuals we collect and store in our systems, laptops and smart phones is risk-of-loss liability. Read more….. http://www.mltweb.com/tools/imo.htm#Data_Storage 

More of my comments and opinions here:  http://www.mltweb.com/tools/imo.htm

ISM-CB Education Exchange - building a professional network.
Share educational opportunities and the benefits of an expanded professional network with your colleagues.

American Society for Quality :  www.asq614.org/
June 2017 ASQ Section 0614 newsletter

Procurement Technical Assistance Center.
Washington PTAC - February Government Contracting Opportunities, News, & Events
Ashley Coronado  PTAC Government Contracting Assistance Specialist
Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce, Kennewick

The Institute For Internal Auditors, Mid-Columbia Chapter

National Contract Management Association (NCMA)
 NCMA web site: http://ncmacolumbiabasin.com/index.html

Institute For Management Accountants
 IMA web site: http://ima.labworks.org/

WSU  Tri-Cities Professional Education https://tricities.wsu.edu/cepd/leadership-academy/

Emerging Tri-Cities http://www.emergingtricities.com/

ISM-CB professional network exchange is our way of encouraging communication and discussion among our members. Sharing information, expertise and experience are just some of the many benefits of membership. Networking with other members is a great way to build a professional support team.

ISM-CB Education Opportunity Calendar 2017-2018
BOD Planning calendar - send program suggestions to President@ismcb.org

June 13, 2017

ISM-CB Annual Business and BOD Planning Meeting

July 25, 2017

ISM-CB BOD Planning Meeting
Contact Cory Miller
5:30 p.m., Round Table, Richland

Aug. 22, 2017 ISM-CB BOD Planning Meeting
Contact Cory Miller
5:30 p.m., Round Table, Richland

September 12, 2017

ISM-CB Program: Professional Networking
Mike Taylor , Naila Prieto, Procurement Supply Specialist
5:30 Applebee’s, Kennewick

September 19, 2017

ISM-CB BOD Planning Meeting, all members welcome
Location: tbd  Cory Miller,

October 10, 2017

ISM-CB Program; TBD
Speaker,  TBD
ISM-CB Champion: Cory Miller
5:30 p.m. Applebee’s, Kennewick

October 15-18, 2017

Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference -
hosted by  ISM Western Washington

Seattle, WA

October 24

ISM-CB BOD Planning Meeting, all members welcome
Location: tbd  Cory Miller,

November 14

ISM-CB Program; TBD
Speaker, TBD, 
ISM-CB Champion: Kyle Root
5:30 p.m. Applebee’s, Kennewick

November 21

ISM-CB BOD Planning Meeting, all members welcome
Location: tbd  Cory Miller,

December 12

ISM-CB Program; Attracting and Retaining Suppliers
Coordinator: Dustin Wittman

5:30 p.m. Applebee’s, Kennewick

December 19

ISM-CB BOD Planning Meeting, all members welcome
Location: tbd  Cory Miller,

January (19th)

ISM-CB Program; Networking Social
planning stages, comments and suggestions to Cory Miller

January 16, 2018 ISM-CB BOD Planning Meeting, all members welcome
Location: tbd  Cory Miller,
February 13, 2018 Regional Economic Impact
Speaker Asja Suljic, Washington State Employment Security Department Regional Economist
location: (TBD)
ISM-CB Champion: Scott Williams
February 20, 2018 ISM-CB BOD Planning Meeting,  all members welcome
Location: tbd  Cory Miller,
March 13, 2018 ISM-CB Program; tbd
Location tbd
ISM-CB Champion:: tbd
March 20, 2018 ISM-CB BOD Planning Meeting,  all members welcome
Location: tbd  Cory Miller,
April (tbd) ISM-CB Program; tbd
Location tbd
ISM-CB Champion:: tbd
April 17, 2018 ISM-CB BOD Planning Meeting,  all members welcome
Location: tbd  Cory Miller,
May 2018 Plan Tour; Preferred Freezer Services
ISM-CB Champion: Brian Hersch
May (tbd) ISM-CB Program; tbd
Location tbd
ISM-CB Champion:: tbd
May 15, 2018 ISM-CB BOD Planning Meeting,  all members welcome
Location: tbd  Cory Miller,
June (tbd) ISM-CB Program; tbd
Location tbd
Coordinator: tbd
June (tbd ISM-CB Business & BOD Planning Meeting
All members invited & welcome

Location: tbd  Cory Miller,
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ISM-Columbia Basin is the regional affiliate of the Institute for Supply Management a not-for-profit educational organization of over 40,000 Purchasing Agents, Buyers and Supply Chain Professionals. www.ism.ws  Local membership represents companies from Moses Lake to Walla Walla including food processing, government contractors, educational institutions, utilities and manufacturing. New members and business professionals are always welcome at ISM-CB events. Visit the ISM-CB web site at: www.ismcb.org

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