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  • ISM-CB Program Nov 14:
     Suspect and Counterfeit Items
    Presented by Richard Warriner,
  • Applebees, Kennewick

Suspect and Counterfeit Items -  Richard Warriner

Every product that we purchase, from the food we eat to the vehicles we drive, have the potential to have suspect and counterfeit parts that could impact the quality and safety of the products we use every day. Join us on November 14th as we will have Richard Warriner speak to us about suspect and counterfeit components. We will discuss real world cases of suspect and counterfeit items, how to identify S/CI items, and how good QA and procurement controls can reduce this occurrence.

Mr. Warriner is a graduate of the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power School. He has over 25 years’ experience in the leadership, development, and implementation of nuclear facility quality assurance programs. Mr. Warriner is recognized in the Department of Energy as a Subject Matter Expert in the identification and prevention of suspect and counterfeit components. He is a Certified Professional Manager (CM) and Project Management Professional (PMP). Since retiring in 2016, he continues to instruct quality assurance topics at the DOE HAMMER Federal Training Center and other DOE sites nation-wide.

If you are not familiar with this topic or you need a refresher, Richard is a great communicator of this subject. Rick will make you consider all the ways that this subject could be impacting you right now from the common products you use every day to the materials you are purchasing at your workplace.

November 14, 2017 5:30-7:00 PM -, Applebees, Kennewick. 

No host networking and dinner from 5:30 p.m.  Program starts ~6:15 p.m. Please RSVP  - rsvp@ismcb.org

Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference - feedback from Mike Taylor

At the conference I met and listened to a number of world-class speakers and senior management keynote presentations. In addition to networking with supply chain professional from around the region - I heard senior managers talk about their challenges and opportunities.

Listening to Hans Melotte, Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chains of Starbucks, I was struck by he scale of his challenges.  Considering that Starbucks has stores all over the world, which in addition to coffee sell a number of fresh foods, their supply chain is constantly challenged to provide frequent and timely deliveries to every store.  Melotte spoke at length about his work to strengthen and shorten supply chains.  During questions, he also voiced some of his top supply chain concerns. Given that his supply chains regularly cross boarders, one of his top concerns was that counterfeiters or smugglers would commander his shipments for their own nefarious purposes.

In another session, we heard from Fannie Boulanger, Vice President, Global Procurement, Oath. She spoke at length about challenges to merge supply chain people and processes from their various companies into one cohesive unit.  A huge challenge considering that Oath's 40,000 employees ( in many countries) are served by about 800 different software applications and 3 different ERP systems.

Fascinating speakers to say the least!  In addition to the rest of my conference notes - which I shared with ISM-CB members- I have two observations to share with you:

1.   Supply chains are stretching around the world and international transactions are rapidly becoming integral to many organizations.  A majority of the people I met and spoke with, are now involved with at least some international transactions and problems that go way beyond those we are used to in the U.S.  My thought:  It's easy to stay in a comfortable box of what we know - but the world outside is changing rapidly. We can no longer assume that skills we've used for many years will be sufficient to support a job change. [and unfortunately, unplanned job changes happen]  

2.  One of the many workplace changes that several programs highlighted, is new data management and modeling software. My previous organization produces a number of management reports and charts and I know many others do also. Again, it is too easy to stay in a comfort zone with the "old" software applications (Excel, Access, etc.)  I witnessed demonstrations of two powerful reporting and data management tools that spin circles around the older applications.  New tools are much more user friendly and designed so that data models, dashboards and charts can be created easily and manipulated by relatively inexperienced users.  My Though:   Again, it's easy to stick within our comfort zone - if it ain't broke - don't fix it.  However, that old adage no longer works. For an organization to remain competitive and cut costs, new software tools have to be considered.  For managers who need timely and accurate information - depending on an aging IT department for reports is not an effective way to move into the future.  

Let's Plan a Meeting...

Better a face-to-face discussion instead of endless emails; right?  Not necessarily.  A poorly planned and executed meeting can be a costly waste of time and leave participants more irritated than informed.  Planning and conducting an effective meeting is an important skill; well worth developing.  Here are a few of my pet peeves about poorly run meetings,  Effective Meetings.

Is a teleconference a better idea? NO! Not unless you plan to avoid the many technical irritants that will spoil your meeting. Here is a great example of what can go wrong in a teleconference (so very true to life...)


Education Opportunity - Portland State University

From: Abby Messenger [mailto:a.g.messenger@pdx.edu ]
Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2017 5:06 PM
Subject: Educational Opportunities & November Webinar for ISM-Columbia Basin Members

As the Recruiting Manager for Portland State University's Graduate Business Programs, one of the 13 ISM-approved universities for supply chain education, I wanted to reach out to you and your ISM chapter to explore avenues that your members may be considering educational options for their career growth.

We have partnered with other chapters in the past, including ISM-Western Washington, ISM-Portland/Vancouver, and ISM-Columbia Basin, among others, to promote possible education paths or engagement opportunities at their individual chapter meetings or through an online webinar if more convenient.

With our Top 25 ranked MS in Global Supply Chain Management program and Global Supply Chain Management certificate program, for which all courses can transfer into the master's degree, we have a unique focus on reverse logistics and circular economy. As a leading-edge topic within supply chain, we are excited to host a webinar session exclusively for ISM chapter members on November 30th, at 5pm - 6pm (Pacific Time), to hear industry insights around this practice from our MSGSCM Academic Director Daniel Wong, who presented at your chapter this past April. Through our relationship with ISM, we are also offering all attendees of this webinar session an application fee waiver to submit an application for either the MSGSCM or GSCM Certificate programs for free.

We value that ISM members are seeking to continuously develop their skills and their impact in supply chain, and would appreciate connecting for a quick 15-minute call on how our university and undergraduate or graduate offerings might support those goals.

Thank you for your time.


Abby Messenger
Recruiting Manager
Graduate Business Programs
School of Business
Portland State University

CPSM Review Classes- ISM Spokane

Good Afternoon - We are trying to figure out where to start our CPSM Module Review Study Classes since we’ve gotten out of sequence. If you are interested in one of the CPSM Module Review Study Classes that our very own Steve Lunden teaches. Please reply back to this e-mail with which modules you are interested in taking. Here is the tentative schedule but, based on the responses we receive, we may move things to accommodate the module with the most interest. If you need more information regarding these classes, let me know and I can send you more info.

[Editor's note:  ISM Spokane and Steve Lunden have generously made these classes available as online modules so that members outside of the Spokane area can attend. Steve is a great educator and recipient of the Sid A Brown, C.P.M. Award of Excellence.]

  • Module 1 – Early Fall
  • Module 2 – Late Fall or Winter
  • Module 3 – Early Spring 2018

Thea Prince,  Senior Buyer City of Spokane

ISM-CB Education Exchange - building a professional network.
Share educational opportunities and the benefits of an expanded professional network with your colleagues.

American Society for Quality :  www.asq614.org/
November Dinner Meeting,  "Servant Leadership, with Ed Landauer"  - 5:30 PM November 14 at Shilo Inn, 50 Comstock, Richland, Washington

Procurement Technical Assistance Center.
Washington PTAC - February Government Contracting Opportunities, News, & Events
Ashley Coronado  PTAC Government Contracting Assistance Specialist
Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce, Kennewick

The Institute For Internal Auditors, Mid-Columbia Chapter

National Contract Management Association (NCMA)
 NCMA web site: http://ncmacolumbiabasin.com/index.html

Institute For Management Accountants
 IMA web site: http://ima.labworks.org/

WSU  Tri-Cities Professional Education https://tricities.wsu.edu/cepd/leadership-academy/

Emerging Tri-Cities http://www.emergingtricities.com/

ISM-CB professional network exchange is our way of encouraging communication and discussion among our members. Sharing information, expertise and experience are just some of the many benefits of membership. Networking with other members is a great way to build a professional support team.

ISM-CB Education Opportunity Calendar 2017-2018
BOD Planning calendar - send program suggestions to President@ismcb.org

June 13, 2017

ISM-CB Annual Business and BOD & Planning Meeting

July 25, 2017

ISM-CB BOD & Planning Meeting
Contact Cory Miller
5:30 p.m., Round Table, Richland

Aug. 22, 2017 ISM-CB BOD & Planning Meeting
Contact Cory Miller
5:30 p.m., Round Table, Richland

September 12, 2017

ISM-CB Program: Professional Networking
Mike Taylor , Naila Prieto, Procurement Supply Specialist
5:30 Applebee’s, Kennewick

September 19, 2017

ISM-CB BOD & Planning Meeting, all members welcome
Location: tbd  Cory Miller,

October 10, 2017

SM-CB Program; Fraud Identification and what to look for in an accounting system
Speaker, Bill Craven CHPRC Cost/Price Analyst
ISM-CB Champion: Cory Miller
5:30 p.m. Applebee’s, Kennewick

October 15-18, 2017

Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference -
hosted by  ISM Western Washington
Seattle, WA

October 24

ISM-CB BOD & Planning Meeting, all members welcome
Location: tbd  Cory Miller,

November 14

ISM-CB Program; Suspect/Counterfeit items, identification and issues
Speaker, Rick Warriner,
ISM-CB Champion: Kyle Root
5:30 p.m. Applebee’s, Kennewick

November 21

ISM-CB BOD & Planning Meeting, all members welcome
Location: tbd  Cory Miller,

December 12

Program cancelled

December 19

ISM-CB BOD & Planning Meeting, all members welcome
Location: tbd  Cory Miller,

January 9, 2018

International Sourcing Panel Discussion
Speaker(s): Scott Williams, Brian Hersch and Nick Cino from Lamb Weston Trade Compliance.
5:30 p.m. Applebee’s, Kennewick
ISM-CB Champion: Brian Hersch
January 16, 2018 ISM-CB BOD & Planning Meeting, all members welcome
Location: tbd  Cory Miller,
February 13, 2018 Regional Economic Impact
Speaker Asja Suljic, Washington State Employment Security Department Regional Economist
5:30 p.m. CG Public House, 9221 W Clearwater, Kennewick
ISM-CB Champion: Scott Williams
February 20, 2018 ISM-CB BOD & Planning Meeting,  all members welcome
Location: tbd  Cory Miller,
March 13, 2018

ISM-CB Program; Attracting and Retaining Suppliers
Emily Estes-Cross (City of Kennewick)
ISM-CB Champion: Dustin Wittman

5:30 p.m. Applebee’s, Kennewick

March 20, 2018 ISM-CB BOD & Planning Meeting,  all members welcome
Location: tbd  Cory Miller,
April (tbd) ISM-CB Program; ISM-CB networking social Location tbd
ISM-CB Champion:: tbd
April 17, 2018 ISM-CB BOD & Planning Meeting,  all members welcome
Location: tbd  Cory Miller,
May 9, 2018
& repeat
May 10
Plan Tour; Preferred Freezer Services
ISM-CB Champion: Brian Hersch
Tour participation limited to 15 each day 
May (tbd) ISM-CB Program; tbd
Location tbd
ISM-CB Champion:: tbd
May 15, 2018 ISM-CB BOD & Planning Meeting,  all members welcome
Location: tbd  Cory Miller,
June (tbd) ISM-CB Program; tbd
Location tbd
Coordinator: tbd
June (tbd ISM-CB Business & BOD Planning Meeting
All members invited & welcome

Location: tbd  Cory Miller,
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